First, decide on a COMMISSIONED DESIGN option 

1. Send in one of your nudes, or a lover's nude (we will tell you how dont worry!)

2.  Or if you want to work with the artist to create a design or have a zoom photoshoot


Next, decide on a JACKET option. You can choose to

1. Send in one of your own (this option is free) 

2. Choose from our stock of Classic Jean, Light Jean, or Vegan Leather (this option adds $35)


Within 24 hours of purchase we will email you to give you instructions on either how to send a nude or how a zoom photoshoot works, and how to send a jacket if you chose that option.  


REIMBURSEMENT: If you are unsatisfied, we will reimburse you fully within the first 3 days of correspondance. After that, reimbursement in ful minus a $30 deposit after 3 days of correspondance, a $60 deposit if the artist has taken your pictures, and $80 if the painting has already been started. 


Jackets from our store add an additional $35 to the base price, sending your own jacket is free (All you take care of is paying for shipping.)


Sizing for our Jackets in Stock: Our jackets fit like most jackets, but there are some variations, so if you get your jacket and it’s too big or too small, let us know within 5 days of receiving it and we can let you exchange it free of charge (we will cover the mailing return and paint you a new one on a better size)


NOTE: These are hand painted and custom designed items.  We are starting with very modest pricing to gain popularity, but prices will raise January 1st, 2021. 

Commission a Custom Design