Pro-Local. Pro-Art. Pro-Pussy. 

Hi! I’m Mary Margaret, a Tennessee born and Los Angeles based artist. I created Marmalade to make wearable art that celebrates my favorite subject: the power and magic of femininity. Made for all bodies, all genders and all identities, the Marmalade mission is about de-stigmatizing pussies (not a dirty word!), embracing female pleasure, fostering sisterhood, and celebrating feminine energy across all types of bodies and sexualities. 

Our small team of women is proud to bring you a completely art-to-table approach. Every clothing piece features my own illustrations, lovingly drawn right from my Los Angeles studio, and then hand printed onto sustainable materials and delivered directly to you. Each hand-painted jacket has sex-positive and body-positive spells cast into the paint while it's still liquid.  

We are so excited to share our art and message with you, and thank you for supporting local and female artists.


Your art-gasm enthusiast, 

Mary Margaret